ABC Archives

Exploring Sydney's history through the ABC's radio and television archives.

ABC Archives are a treasure trove of street level recordings about Sydney’s changing urban landscape through time. These recordings have been accessed through previous creative commissions and residencies. 

Sydney Sidetracks. ABC Digital Innovation Pilot, and winner 2008 ABC Cross-Platform Content Award. Supported by ABC Innovation, ABC 702, National Film and Sound Archive, City of Sydney, Dictionary of Sydney and State Library of NSW. 

Launched 2008, produced and conceived by Sarah Barns. 

Please note the site (web and mobile) is no longer maintained by the ABC. 


ABC Past Forward was a commissioned project through ABC Radio National and the now-defunct ABC Pool platform. 

I negotiated a set of key television and sound recordings for release through Creative Commons licence, making these recordings available for anyone to use and remix (CC-BY-ND). 

Explore the open access resources here

Q&A with Gian Carlo Manara, cinematographer for Living on the Fringe (ABC 1964).  See here

Sydney Sidetracks

Sydney Sidetracks is a multi-platform initiative supported by ABC Innovation to explore the distribution of the ABCâ??s audio-visual archive using map and mobile interfaces. The site was launched in November 2008, featuring over 50 stories about Sydney, which represent â??points of interestâ?? on a map that users can explore either online or out and about in Sydney using their mobile phone.

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