“I built a city of green, the best you’ve ever seen…”

[audio:03 vict_st_FINAL.mp3]

This sound feature experiments, loosely, with the format of the soundwalk, and is intended to accompany a stroll down Victoria St. It is composed entirely of recordings made on, or about, Victoria St, including those made around the time of the protests and my own field recordings from 2007. It draws extensively from recordings used by permission from the documentary maker Pat Fiske.

The walk includes interviews with Mick Fowler, Frank Theeman, and Jack Mundey, the sounds of residents and protesters clashing with police on 3 January 1974, and the sounds of a speech made by Wendy Bacon on the day Mick Fowler was evicted from his house at 115 Victoria St. It also features protest songs, location recordings of the street from 2007, and some of my own reflections on the streetâ??s history.

Recording sources

Interviews with Mick Fowler, Frank Theeman, Jack Mundey and local residents sourced from Woolloomooloo (Pat Fiske, 1978). Accessed through the National Film and Sound Archive.

Across the Western Suburbs We Must Wander performed by Mick Fowler and the Fowlhouse Five. ©Seamus Gill and Denis Kevans 1973. Accessed through the National Film and Sound Archive.

Personal recordings, Victoria St 2007.