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Environmental Soundscapes

Environmental soundscapes, or ‘soundmarks’, are designed to be heard in a specific place.

They allow a listener to dwell in a place differently, listening in to past sounds, recollections, stories, and environments, in a way that escapes traditional narrative forms. 

Many of these soundscapes feature as part of site-specific audio-visual installations, which include physical interactives, video projection and physical interpretation assets. Sometimes they play live, sometimes they’re designed to be accessed via a personal listening device. 

More soundscapes can be found over at my Soundwalking Soundcloud profile. 

Soundscape for Mt Stromlo Director’s Residence. 

Commissioned by ANU Heritage, 2015, produced as part of Esem Projects.  Find out more about this project here

Kings Cross Soundscape. 

Produced through Jaywalking Sydney residency with the National Film and Sound Archives. Also features location recordings of Kings Cross from the ABC TV and Radio Archives. 

Produced by Sarah Barns, 2008. 


Rowe St Soundscape. 

Produced for Art & About Sydney installation ‘Last Drinks‘, City of Sydney, 2011. With sound design by Adam Hulbert. Project delivery by Esem Projects.  This project celebrated the lost history of the Australia Hotel, adjacent to the former Rowe St. The soundscape played live as part of the one month installation. 

Wild Fire Wild Life Soundscape, 2015 

Soundscape accompanying the Mt Stromlo exhibit, delivered in 2015. This soundscape commemorates the 2003 Firestorm that destroyed the ANU Mt Stromlo Observatory and the work of rebuilding the centre. 

The Show People’s Inn. 

A soundscape the listens in to the lost history of the Beach Hotel, Newcastle, formerly on Watt St. Commissioned by the City of Newcastle for City Evolutions, 2013.