WHAT IF faces from the past were visible again, watching us in our streets and laneways? Sourced from archival documentary footage, intimate portraits of past residents and workers were projected onto the walls and buildings of Millers Point, capturing the fleeting nature of life and the dramatic changes that have occurred to this historic precinct.

UNGUARDED MOMENTS was selected as the City of Sydney’s Village Art project for Art & About Sydney 2011. The project featured nine site-specific video projections throughout the streets of Millers Point, Sydney, which could be viewed after sunset every night between 23 September and 23 October 2011.

Projections drew from documentary films and photographs featuring past & present residents and workers of the area. In this way, the history of the working port, its waterside workers and its residents were re-inscribed back into its present day environment, connecting viewers to the areaĆ¢??s living history and the ties existing within the community today.

This was a co-production between myself and Michael Killalea from design studio killanoode.

Unguarded Moments also included an extensive blog providing more in-depth coverage of the many different films, photographs, and people that feature in the projections.

Selected footage from the project is below. More to come…