The NFSA Fellowship resulted in the following items which you can explore by clicking on the links.

Victoria St soundwalk: An exploration of the events taking place in Victoria St during the 1970s, featuring recordings of and about the street featured in the NFSA collection. The soundwalk layers contemporary recordings of Victoria St with ambient archival recordings sourced from a collection of documentaries and music albums.

A Jaywalking Map. This is a pretty basic use of Google Maps which tagged identified film and sound excerpts (along with photos, text and the Victoria St soundwalk) by their locations. The idea was that by using GPS-enabled mobile phones these excerpts could also be made available for download on location.

View Jaywalking Sydney in a larger map

Video highlights can also be viewed here.

A State of Play Report covers potential distribution options and recommendations for the NFSA.

A Jaywalking Sydney Essay for publication by the National Film and Sound Archive Journal, which looks specifically at some of the potential opportunities for historians and curators working with situated media technologies.