Sites and Sounds exists as a space for documenting various recorded explorations of places and spaces that have piqued my curiosity over time. 

You’ll find here a collection of recordings, soundscapes and installation projects that navigate historical landscapes and stories, moments in time. 

Most are based in Sydney, Australia. Or other parts of Australia’s east coast. 

These explorations treat sound, and film recordings, as important ways of knowing and experiencing the layers that shape our built and environmental histories. I started doing this kind of listening work as part of a PhD between 2005-2010. 

The site is maintained and updated from time to time, but it’s not a primary portfolio space. Much of my creative work today is delivered in partnership with Michael Killalea over at Esem Projects. I’m also an urban media researcher and strategist too, from time to time. You can view my research profile or say hello over at LinkedIn

You might even be interested in my writing on platforms and cities – including my book Platform Urbanism: Negotiating Platform Ecosystems in Connected Cities, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019. 

So, this space is mostly an archive: an archive of archives, even. You may encounter dead links, and odd orphans. I’m sorry about that. There’s also some treasures here, if you poke about. 

Peace to you on your journey.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sarah Barns, Sydney, Australia.